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About me


I have been designing spaces for over 15 years.

As an experienced professional who is devoted to the world of design, I know how to distinguish the true needs of the customer from the imposed ones. I enjoy generating my ideas to suit the client's objectives and budget to produce the desired result.

I actively follow the trends in the world of design and the development of technology, which allows me to extend the relevance of the work done for years. At the same time, working with classic interiors is no less close to my heart.

I take on complex tasks with interest, because I am able to creatively and competently play with the technical nuances that are often encountered during the design process.

A special contribution to my professional life was the 1.5 years I spent working in Paris for an international "NAME architecture" company . The experience of working with clients and suppliers from all over the world gave me an understanding of the needs and nuances in other countries, which opened the door to a new world of opportunities.

Kateryna Okhina
 Founder and principal architect

Education: Specialist Diploma Of The Faculty Of Architecture Of Buildings And Structures

Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Odessa, Ukraine.

Work experience: 15 years

2007-2012 - Architect and interior designer at Beletage design group in Odessa, Ukraine.

Since 2012 - Architect and interior designer in private practice

2022-2024 - Architect and interior designer at the international company NAME architecture in Paris, France.

Press & Publications

Nomination in the competition "Interior of the Year" in the category "Realised Project", Ukraine

International design exhibitions and events

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