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Realisation of a studio project in Loft style in Odessa, 2020

DSCF6036_37_38_39_40_Interior 21.jpg

- The interior of the apartment was created on the basis of complete freedom and trust, which allowed us to feel the client with all our soul and give the appropriate result.

- The idea of the bicycle in the illuminated niche behind the folding door system was a great delight to the client, which allowed us to go even further in the same direction.

 - The flush sliding system made the mirrored door in the corridor appear to hang in mid-air.

 - The light installation imitating the buttons of the well-known Sony Play Station, which also replaces the wall lights, particularly pleased the owner! Guess why ;)

 - The natural wood veneer panels throughout the apartment not only soften the metal and concrete theme, but also have mechanisms to make every square metre work, even in the bathroom.

 - The embossing of a snippet of a favourite song on the coffee table, shelves that resemble the silhouette of a city, a sliding partition with a curtain and many other ideas and mechanisms were able to coexist harmoniously in such a small space thanks to our creative and very thoughtful approach.

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