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Realisation of the design project of a night club with karaoke hall in Odessa 2013

Odessa and club life are as inseparable as sand and sea. It's hard to be surprised by anything in this city, but the emphasis was on creating a cosy and homely environment. The architect was inspired by the design of the My house nightclub (Los Angeles, USA).

  A huge dance floor for large parties, with a long bar and false racks around the perimeter on the ground floor, and three VIP zones with sofas on the second floor are the basic principles of a large disco. However, limiting the colour scheme to the colours of the rainbow - with the exception of acrylics and plastics - was a key design consideration.

   The abundance of natural materials, warm colours and competently lit textures create a feeling of comfort and relaxation. The design solution, with convenient transit zones, cubicle seating and a sufficient number of toilets, ensures that all guests can relax comfortably.

   The karaoke room has a separate entrance from the lobby, so that holidaymakers with different musical tastes do not mix.

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