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Realisation of a three-level penthouse project overlooking the park and the sea in Odessa.

A case where ideas are welcome and surprises are a win-win.   

  The original geometry of the apartment dictated a layout with a 45 degree turn. It was decided to take advantage of this, adding dynamism and opening up favourable views of the park and the sea.  

  When working with a large area, it is very important to have a sense of proportion in the abundance of ideas and to remember the relationship between fantasy and the possibility of realisation. Thus, the corridor on the first floor was complemented by L-shaped structures with lighting. They organically intersect in the corridor with a transom that could not be hidden. On the second level, two suspended wooden beams in the living room defeated the visible structures and solved the problem of ceiling lighting. In the living area, a graphite glass structure has been used to house a TV and a bio-fireplace. 

  The third level is a master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room. In the 'oasis', where you can almost hear the surf, the idea of a hammock in front of the panoramic window was an instant hit.  

  A hidden panel behind a mirror on the wall in the hallway, a barcode cabinet, a bar counter on the terrace, a bed design with a lifting mechanism and a hatch-like drawer, sand dune tiles and much more give the pet house a special southern character and solve the necessary technical challenges. 

  Despite the many technical features, this project was a happy ticket to free creativity, where the tandem with the client was perfect and everyone involved in the realisation of the project was happy with the result.

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